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The Black Band


Last week was a tough one. Over 7 peace officers were killed on the line of duty. One was executed while pumping gas. What threatening manner did he present? Was he abusing his power? Was he thrashing people of a different race around? Was he shooting at people when he couldn’t gone hand-to-hand? No. He was pumping gas. Shot in the back of the head and fifteen more times. Clear sign of hate and rage.

A Trooper in Louisiana stopped to assist what seemed like a motorist in need. What do you think ran through his mind? That he could possibly die? That the person was waiting to ambush him? Without even thinking he was going to assist someone who he thought was in need of assistance not knowing about the persons race, social class, or criminal history. Instead he got repaid with his life being taken with the last words he possibly heard was “You’re lucky you are going to die.”

Here in Michigan I had to wear the black band on my badge for a fallen State Trooper. He was accidentally knocked off his motorcycle and dragged down a highway road for several miles. Although this action wasn’t deliberate it’s still a tragedy nonetheless.

And lately a police officer was found dead at his house off duty. In what kind of society are we living in where we feel it is okay to kill someone because of what they wear and of their career choice? Isn’t that oddly similar to killing someone because of race?

These recent “progressive movements” (not naming the ones that have been highlighted in recent news) have done nothing except set us way back. Black vs White. Everybody vs the police. Why are people even mad? Mad at the fact that white people should pay for what they’ve done for black people? For something that happened several hundred years ago? Something that people nowadays have absolutely no control over history?

Well that’s where it should stay. It should be history. Instead people are choosing to make it a modern a issue. No one has been keeping people in low class societies. No one has been keeping a certain race down and oppressing them. I have had friends in the Marines and in the Air Force who grew up in the ghettos. They found a way out. Several of them are successful and most of them have jobs with college education. If they could do it with almost nothing then why can’t the rest of the world?

The issue is that no one wants to take responsibility for their actions. I hate to reference Rocky Balboa but he had a very great inspirational speech and a good point. During the scene where his son gets mad that he accepts a fight he calls his dad out about what he’s doing to him (in comparison to the “racial divide”). He kept saying that things were different because he was the reason behind it. His dad calmly reminds him of his son’s past. Of how he grew up. He had a good life, but as soon as he got older he started pointing the finger at something else and blaming everybody else for his failures. He said that’s what cowards do and he shouldn’t be a coward. He stated that he needs to start living life as a person and stop blaming others.

Its a movie, but it has a good point. Why point the finger at something else when people of all races, class, and color are more than capable of changing their own future in this world. Instead people take the easy way out. Of course it’s easier to blame something else instead of admitting you’re wrong. I’m guilty of it. I do it every now and then, but that hate always stays with me. It’s until I admit that I’m wrong that I can start to figure out how to fix it and never do it again.

Our job profession (law enforcement) is not an easy one. If one of us does something wrong, we all fall. Law enforcement officers are like a badly preset game of Jenga. There are hundreds of good officers who stand proudly of what they do, but one bad egg and we all fall.


In recent news…

An Arby’s denied service to a police officer. Instead of boycotting the entire company for one person’s actions people were quick to point out the “bad egg” in the company. Everyone banded together and hoped that the employee would get fired. And they did. But in comparison is that if a police officer does something that no one agrees with everyone is quick to blame the entire organization and not the individual. It’s a stretch of a comparison but its along the same idea.

We shouldn’t jump to conclusions. We shouldn’t point the finger at something else. We should accept the reality of the situation for what it is and go from there. Instead we are just going to be repeating history. These “movement groups” are doing nothing except setting us back in time. The divide between races haven’t been this bad in years. And, coming from an Asian man, Asians have been under the same type of treatment from white people in the past. Hell, Bruce Lee (the greatest and most memorable martial arts master of all time) couldn’t get most Hollywood lead roles because of the fact that he was Asian. Even blacks were involved in movies as early as the 1920’s. In the 40’s during the Second World War many Asians were placed into concentration type camps because they looked like the enemy. That was from our very own government. We were even slaves to building the great railway systems in the west.

But looking back we get maybe a page or two in history books and the best we got is the Chinese New Years. We don’t get a month. We don’t get novels of our history taught in schools. Instead we get depicted as the bad guys in movies fighting the Americans. In my point of view I believe that maybe we may have it even worse, but we don’t care. I love America. I love how it was able to give my parents a new life. It gave my entire family a new life. They all started with nothing. They came to this country as factory workers and quick mart employees and built up their own “American Dream“. None of us step on the flag and spit on peoples feet who serve our country to protect our freedom. Instead they are very good at policing their own. They handle their own business. In the Asian culture they pride themselves on raising their next generation to be even better than their own. I know my mother slaved day and night to make sure that I wouldn’t have the life she had before coming to America.

Just like the speech in the aftermath of the Texas Deputy… Black lives matter and cops lives matter so lets just drop the qualifier and say all life matters. My mom and my sister are scared to death of the job that I do. Not only do I get treated differently for not being white (the employees say things really slowly to me at the supermarkets I go to) but I also wear the uniform and badge that paints a target on me every time I go to work. Is it so hard to just look at the reality of the situation and band together to stop the hate and violence?

And if you won’t take my word for it or don’t understand what I’m trying to get at I’ll leave you with this Marine Veteran who is real about the whole situation.

Tomorrow when I go to work and officially on duty I can finally take the black band off my badge, but I will always wonder when will I have to put it back on to mourn the loss of another brother/sister of the force….



Have a great weekend everyone!

Also sorry I’ve been absent. I’ve been dealing with a lot in the world… It’s a whole other story…



Am I In Too Deep?

So the past few days have been… Well there is no other way to put it other than: WEIRD yet AWESOME

I have been still exploring the world of “Online Dating”. I compare it to like… Mayonnaise. If you never tried it how can you tell you wont like it? (did I get it spot on???)

My searches have been… surprising. There have been a few people where I, sadly to admit, just flat out go “… nope…” The worst part of the whole thing is when you see someone that you actually know on the outside world. For example… I have had people that I used to go to high school with and old co workers trying to contact me on it.

Now I have significantly changed since high school. Just imagine a punk rock kiddo with black jeans and a rock band T-shirt and that’s me. We were all there at one point in our lives…

So people have messaged me over and over going “OMG you got so hot since high school! What have you been up to?”

Makes me think back to when these girls didn’t really even give me two seconds of their time back in the day. It’s like a teen movie with the main theme of revenge. Cold shoulder was activated and it has been working real well.

But the girl I first met on there we have been going at it for a decent two weeks now. It’s nice to know that I  don’t have to single myself out to just one person. A few casual dates of going on walks and going to the zoo gets a great idea of who I am with. She obviously has a lot of great goals in the future, but having kids in the next year is not so much in my ballpark.

As much as I would love to be a dad (someday) it’s just not in me to start to settle down, or even talk about it for that matter, especially since I haven’t even scratched the surface in my mid twenties.

A couple of people have given me their phone numbers after many messages and emails passed back and forth. But one thing that was really odd to me kind of surfaced after being on there for a few weeks. A lot of people are single parents (not too surprised since they don’t have the time to “get out there”) and there are a significantly a lot of people who are devoted Christians. I don’t find anything wrong with either one.

The weird issue is that several people (and I mean a lot) have stopped talking to me simply because of my name. Now I’ve heard of people not interested due to job occupation, living conditions, race (as horrible as it is not everyone is into Asians), and family ties… But never really a name.

Really I thought not being with someone, or judging someone, due to a name only existed in moves like “Meet the Fockers”. But when some of the girls have asked me for my full name I just show them a picture of my name tape from work that’s sewn on my uniform. It reads “A. Sin”.

That usually steers the devoted religious good Christians away. Oops. Well sorry my father didn’t have the best name in the world.

Luckily there are a few people out there that share my sense of humor and can actually see who I am rather than what my name is.

I would highly recommend using dating sites but only if you truly do not have the time or great environment to meet people. I used to work in a very female dominant work place so for me, at my old job, it wasn’t hard at all to at least find someone who likes me or that I would like. Working in law enforcement however… A little bit harder to find someone that isn’t committing a crime or in jail for doing one. Doesn’t really sit well with me if you can believe that…

I’ll see where it goes with the first girl that I started dating since making my profile, but I won’t hold my breath on it. I think I’ll just ride it out and see where it goes. I have another date with another girl (first date) coming up this week. I think we are going to the park or something. Just the casual meet and greet stuff. Nothing serious.

But in other news. Work is going swimmingly well with me. Just got word from my sergeant that I might get pulled off training early due to my progress with my reports and attitude towards my job. Always great news to me!

Have a great week everyone!

Wish me luck 🙂



In Other News…

In other news… Not a lot of attention has drawn on this.

Reported (dated on the source August 9th, 2015) a Texas man executed 6 children in handcuffs (ages 6 to 13), executed his ex’s husband (father of the children), and killed his ex girlfriend last while she was restrained to the bed. All of the kids were executed in the master bedroom. But I guess that doesn’t draw national attention. Criminals caught in the act of committing a crime and disobeying law enforcement officials are heroes and considered innocent while actual real issues of violence barely see the light of day to the public. Prayers to those first responders and to the brothers and sisters in blue who had to come to that grim scene. And prayers out to the families that had true evil step into their lives.

People have to realize its not the color of our skin that makes people evil or a criminal. It’s not the clothes or uniform they wear that makes people racist. Evil exists in all shapes, sizes, and color.

If you want a moment of silence for something that actually matters, it would be for the victims of this horrific act of violence.


I normally don’t post too much related to the law enforcement community but… Seeing that the Ferguson shooting has drawn more attention than this, I find it appalling that people are still angry over a criminal, trying to disarm a peace officer, was shot and killed. It wasn’t because he was black, it wasn’t because of the clothes he was wearing, or because of the way he was talking. It was because he was doing something he shouldn’t have.

It makes me wonder what if Officer Wilson did get disarmed and shot? Would it have drawn national attention? Would people still scream about the “ignorance” of law enforcement officials?

I’m not saying every shooting done by a police officer is justified just because he has a badge. Of course there will be things I can come to terms with the fact that something shouldn’t have happened.

A Memphis, Tennessee officer was shot and killed not too long ago. The Police Director of the department couldn’t have said it any better. Police Director Armstrong of Memphis Police said something along the lines of “Of course black lives matters. But when does black lives matter? Does it only matter when a black man is killed by a police officer? Does it matter when a black man is killed by a white man? Does it matter when a black man is killed by someone of a different skin color? Every 15 seconds a violent crime is committed by a black man. So it isn’t just black life matters. All life matters.”

Of course all life matters. Evil and crime has no color. It has actions. Actions are not color specific. They are people specific. And there are bad people in this world, yet because of a pigment that no one has control over some how makes the lines of innocence and guilty very hazy.

I posted a few articles from a page on Facebook onto my newsfeed and instantly people attacked it. Stating that all cops have a “god-like” mentality and goof off on the job. That all cops break the very laws that they are sworn to protect.

I don’t like to belittle what I do to just this, but to make it very clear and understanding… lets put it this way.

Anyone, and I mean anyone, can have a “god-like” mentality. I’ve met fastfood employees that are like that. I’ve seen managers who are people in leadership roles not doing their job and slacking off. I’ve seen people who claim they are law abiding citizens speed on the highway.

The point of the whole message is this… Becoming a police officer is what people went to school for. It’s a passion. Just like how anyone can be passionate about any career. And sometimes bad folks slip through the cracks. We don’t live in a perfect world. We don’t get to choose who we get to run into every day. We don’t get to choose who gets to work in a certain job.

I’ve been wronged by super market employees, but that doesn’t make me jump to conclusions that all employees by that super market are bad. People have thought I was foreign just because of how I look and talk to me slowly. That doesn’t make me assume anyone wearing a store uniform is racist.

We need to stop making our timeline go into reverse and see the reality. We should be a progressive generation and not a segregated one.

Of course all life matters, but that statement is literally just as stupid as people saying “you only live once”.

Stop stating the obvious. Stop with all the hate. Stop with all the lines dividing us as human beings.

Lets open our eyes to the world as it is instead of our own individual selfish vision. We should all be united and teach the next generation how to work with each other and understand each other instead of preaching hate.

Hate only makes the world grow dark and without the light it will be too late to see any good left in the world.