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Parenting Skillz

So today at work I’ve witnessed a lot of ways people are great parents. I’ve also witnessed the gawd awful terrible people of the world and some how it was legal for them to breed.

Now I am not a father. I would like to be one someday when the time is right (or even when unexpected). No way am I an expert. I am just purely an observer with his own opinions.

For those who don’t know, I work in a hospital in the down town area. You can only imagine the horrors I see from all types of people coming in and out. Obviously for Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) I wont mention any names or anything that will violate someones privacy.

Today I responded to a call for a pregnant female threatening to cause harm to herself. Now this may not be a “parenting issue” but what I witnessed was that poor child’s future. This lady was seriously off the hook and saying that she was going to “beat that child out of her belly and beat his little @$$ up” (That escalated quickly!).

Then later that day I witnessed Child Protective Services taking away a kid from a… “father”. From what I was able to gather this guy never even once attempted to feed his kid, hold his kid, or even give water to his kid. And he started to cry and panic when his parental rights were taken away (Wut?).

I get that not every situation is planned or has its moments but for crying out loud people! No one held a gun to your head and told you that you were going to be a parent of a child! Especially if you have more than 1 that weren’t twins!

Its the unfortunate reality of our world though. Society has enabled people to become lazy. Here’s a link to what I mean…

Now I hope when you watch this video it boils your blood. Yes how unfortunate it is for this lady to bare as many children as she has but… She had an option to not have that many (and no I don’t mean the ‘A’ word). She is just waiting for us to be naive enough to start feeling bad and throwing money at her. The problem is if we do that people like her will never learn.

It goes along the same theory as feeding a wild animal. You start to give them a little bit of food in a very obvious area. They start to eat off of where they remember you place the food every time. Their hunting and tracking skills start to fade away because they no longer have to use them. Then they become completely dependent on you for everything you give them and always demand more and more. They will never learn how to be independent again because you have let them become a dependent.

Same goes for certain parents. They start to have people raise their own kids and sooner or later they will have no idea how to become parents because too many people are involved in their dependency.

I hear stupid excuses all the time too. “Oh they were raised differently. Their parent’s failed them first”. Look here… My father, as stated in a previous post, was not a shining example of a dad. But I over came that life of abuse and realized that I could be so much better than him. What I took out of that was exactly not to do as a parent. I remembered all the pain, the trouble sleeping, the fears I had. I made what was negative into something great.

People don’t get sucked into a lifestyle and they most certainly don’t get stuck. They get complacent. They choose to let what is happening around them consume who they can be.

Stupid excuses that you keep telling yourself of why you can’t get out of the situation you are in will soon turn into a fact for you.

I can go on for hours and hours about how I truly feel but I’ll end it here.

Let me know what you think and share your thoughts.





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