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Video Game Kid


Ever since I was a kid my life was about video games.

I would make up excuses of why I couldn’t go to school just to finish, or start, a video game that I had. The N64 was like a church to me. I believed in it, followed it, and was dedicated to it. I worshiped the all mighty cartridge life sucking machine.

I almost didn’t pass any grade in school because of video gaming. I wasn’t a dumb kid or anything (debatable) but I just found that gaming was my priority over homework and school. There were times where I wouldn’t even shower because I was glued to my seat or laying in my bed just playing a game over and over again.

My parents hated that I played so much. The odd thing was was that they saw how happy I was. I guess they thought happiness could be bought so I had a never ending supply of Nintendo games. I’m not going to lie… That was the only part of my childhood that was awesome.

I guess looking back at it, gaming was a way of escaping the reality of my life. Every time my parents got into a heated argument or when my dad thought it was a great idea to raise a hand at my sister and I (and most of the time making contact with it) I just got lost in the world of gaming.

I just imagined my life as a video game character. It was nice being in control of something for once even if it wasn’t real. It was a destructive therapy that I adopted into my life as a coping mechanism. I couldn’t stop playing when I started to get older.

As I started to grow up so did the systems.

Soon the N64 turned into a GameCube. Then it turned into an Xbox. Then it turned into an Xbox 360. And all that aside I had my gaming PC for everything else in between. At one point I had an imported Dance Dance Revolution mat from Korea that I played (Level: Asian).

I was armed to the teeth with a full arsenal of not having a life. The more unhappy with my life I was, the more I played. It was a pretty simple concept.

Oddly enough, one of my favorite game was “The Sims”.

I always enjoyed building a small life with a small family. I would imagine and build what I believed was the perfect lifestyle and family. I never played it religiously like the shooter and actions games I liked playing, but it was always something nice to jump on for a few hours.

But that was in the distant past.

So now at this point in the story, I am living on my own as an adult.

I moved into a condo with a few people out in the middle of no where. I just started my job at the hospital and was working constantly around the clock. I almost had no time to myself, let alone have time to turn on the TV.

I always walked by my Xbox 360 and tried to think if I really wanted to sit down and play. I actually surprised myself when I said “no” and headed to my room.

I was always hanging out with friends, working out, or working.

One day I just picked up the controller and played Call of Duty. I played for maybe 30 minutes. I suddenly got annoyed with sitting around and feeling like I was doing nothing. I don’t know why this was happening.

I think I started to realize that if I wanted to get back on track with my life I had no stop escaping reality and face it head on. I couldn’t just sit around and do nothing anymore. I needed to get a handle on my situation and turn it into something great.

So I boxed everything I had and off to Gamestop I went.

The employees there were almost shocked. It’s like I told a Christian that I didn’t want to believe in Jesus anymore when I told them I didn’t want to play video games anymore.


(Pretty much their words)

They asked over and over again if I was 100% sure. They kept offering me in-store credit options like I could still be saved but I just told them I wanted to cash out and leave. I think I hurt their feelings a bit.

So I left with $300 in my pocket.

I felt relieved. Like I could do whatever I wanted without worrying about a virtual life that had absolutely nothing good to offer me in the real world. I didn’t have to worry about spending money on new games coming out. Nothing could stop me at this point.

I called my mom and told her what happened. It was actually funny that she didn’t believe me until she drove to my place and couldn’t find a single piece of evidence that I had any gaming material left. I thought I almost gave her a stroke, but instead she gave me a hug.

So when I started dating people I think what really sold it to some girls was when they asked if I played video games saying “No” I was an instant hit. I soon realized it meant to them that it was more time to spend with them. I think there was a misunderstanding when I told them about my non-gaming lifestyle.

This went on for about 2 years.

I then met the wonderful girl that I have today. But one thing that I didn’t know about her at a first glance…


I have never been with a gamer chick. It was like discovering a new piece of delicious candy and not knowing what to do with it. I was in shock and awe with her.


(Not true! I found one and shes mine!)

(But I guess in a weird way I just made it a true statement)

As stated a few posts ago, she went to the Destiny midnight release. I was being the dumb adult laying in bed so I could get some sleep for work in the morning (weird, right?).

The more and more I spent time with her the more and more I realize why I love her.

Shes just like how I was! She’s awesome and can trash talk like me!

Nothing says “love” like her saying “HOW THE HELL DID THEY DO THAT!? I WILL KILL YOUR CHILD! I WILL END YOU!!!”


But that’s getting off topic.

After getting to know her she asked me if I would ever get into gaming again. I laughed it off and said not a chance. Then I felt like how I did with smoking. Like a lingering addiction that was in submission until I met her.

But I did the unthinkable. I set up my gaming PC once again and bought a hoard of PC games.

So now I play on my PC. BUT I only play a maximum of 2 hours a day (and usually not all at once).

I think I’ve been a dumb grownup for too long and am not used to playing for long periods of time, but I’m learning the ropes.

I have been so used to getting out of the house or doing something other than sitting around that I forgot what it was like to just sit down and not think like I used to. It’s something that I have to get back into.


I send snaps to my lady all the time in ridiculous gear and outfits while I play the “bang bang shoot ’em up” games.

I have now brought back my childhood thanks to my lady. I don’t play as much but I do enjoy the every once and a while escapism that gaming offers. Things like these are good in small doses. Kind of like fried foods. Not bad if you don’t do it all the time.

In my opinion though… Spending time with people is still preferred.

Call me old fashion but face to face contact with people is way more fun than gaming any day 🙂





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