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Steady Pace

Last night my girl and I had dinner.

Well… She made dinner. I just bought what was needed.

Earlier that day we talked about how we have no idea how each other are doing just every day normal things. We know how we are when we are together alone, cuddling on the couch, watching some weird movie/tv show that she suggested.

But we had no idea how we were just doing the other things. Grocery shopping, driving around town, running errands. It was always just the “let’s be alone” time.

So yesterday we realized it was time to break free from the lovey-dovey stuff and actually get down to business. She came over after I got out of work and decided we need to go grocery shopping for me. I live just basically off of plain grilled chicken, broccoli, and salsa. I think it was time for a little excitement in my food.

I suggested that we go to this farmer’s market type place to get our food. She asked how far away it was and I said “Well Google said it was only 14 minutes away.”

So 20 minutes later she found out that I’m not that great at estimating time. Still on the road heading towards the market to get our food.

When we finally got there I think she realized how awkward I am. I like to look at all the fruits and veggies and just wonder “Who was the first person to think this was eatable?”

I tried explaining my thought process to her but she just turned red, smiled, and slowly backed away from me like I was a stranger.

Every other isle we just held each other and gave a quick kiss. I did a little dance and pretended she was a stranger and tried stupid pick up lines with her. She tried to run away but ended up wanting to come back. Weird since she had the keys and could of just ran off.

But off we went to search for food.

So when we finally gathered everything we needed for dinner we came up to the check out line. The cashier asked if we wanted plastic or paper. Not knowing what my lady gets I turned and asked her which she would prefer (I didn’t know if she was a “save the earth” type girl).

She just said “I don’t know man pick one”

So I got all of the bags in one hand and we were almost ready to head out. She was going to put the shopping cart away but had some… Complications…

She tried backing up in the check out lane but the wheels were goofy and got stuck on a shelf. I couldn’t help but laugh at the helpless look she had on her face.

The cashier didn’t help when she said “Can someone please help this poor lady out?”

I started to laugh a little bit more. That face of hers soon turned very red.

One thing I hate is getting laughed at especially if its for something I don’t want people’s attention on. But lets be real here… If you saw your significant other struggling doing something like that, you’re going to laugh. Not to hurt their feelings, but you know that they would do the same to you.

So she tried walking away from me when we were heading to the car. I asked if she could slow down because me running after her in a dark parking lot didn’t look too good for me.

She finally let me in her car after watching me struggle trying to get in (she locked the doors…). We needed to make one last stop before we headed back home. She asked me what stores were open in the area. I found one that was close by my apartment and we headed off.

During this ride back she found out that I am a very distracted navigator. The way to the store we were going to was also the way back to my apartment. She kept telling me to let her know what street she needed to turn on next. I got so distracted by her beautiful looks and her sweet voice in our conversation that I forgot we were even heading to another store.

So I said “oh the street you needed to turn on was back there, but you can still turn here.”

She turned on the street and asked “okay… Do you remember where we were suppose to go?”

“Oh… Yeah… The store… Sorry… Well just turn around here and take a right.”

“You sure? You really really sure?”

“Yes… Sorry… I thought we were heading home…”

I got too excited to get home. Luckily after she got her tiny bit of frustration out (she looks cute when she’s red) she just laughed and agreed that I am a terrible co pilot.

So we finally got home (after some yet again horrible directions from me) and were getting ready to make dinner. I asked her what I can do to help. She gave me the important task of doing just one thing in the kitchen while she did everything else. I was in charge of getting the pea’s ready while she prepared the sauce, cooked the rice, chopped up veggies, and mixed everything into a pot and cooked it.

I thought my task was pretty important…

So to make things fun I put in some music and danced and sang with the songs. She looked a little red at times with a smile giving me the “you idiot” look.

Dinner was made and we just sat on my couch. I turned on my Xbox and we just watched a few things on Netflix while we just talked about life and our goals.

It was by far the best night I’ve had with her and I want a million more. Just being in her presence makes me happy. She just makes me want her more and more every day.

So now instead of just wanting to just be alone with her I want to do all the small little weird things too.

I want to do laundry with her, wash dishes, make food, go do grocery shopping, change a tire, save a turtle crossing the street, get fast foot and regret it later, buy a crappy video game, clean the apartment, walk the dogs, go for a simple car ride.

I wanna do all the things that aren’t super fun unless we are with each other.

As long as I get to hold her hand at least once during the day it will be an amazing time together.





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