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Honeymoon Phase

When I was first with my girl I was head over heels for her.

She was always on my mind. She kept me up, she woke me up, and she kept me going. All I ever wanted to do was to see her.

I expressed my feelings about her a few months ago to a really good friend of mine. I told her that I never felt this way about a girl before. I couldn’t get a hold of my emotions. I was open about everything. Almost too open about everything.

She said I was just in the “Honeymoon phase” and that it was completely normal to feel that way about someone at that time. She said that eventually it would die down a bit.

Die down? Impossible! I was almost sure my feelings about her would never go away. I had no idea what a honeymoon phase really was. I’ve always heard about it, but never really picked that much into it.

Maybe its something you experience when you fall in love with someone. Maybe that’s why it was so new to me. Maybe that’s why all I could do was think about her. Maybe its because who I am with is the first girl I ever fell in love with.

Everything was new to me. A new type of girl, a new set speed, a new type of love.

What if that’s what the honeymoon phase really is? A beginning of something new. Something that’s great. Something that is almost so perfect that it makes you cherish each moment you have with someone.

People say it’s just the phase before you discover some differences between the two people. That you are so madly in love because you see no opposites or differences in the beginning because it’s all the cute stuff. Like you both like sushi or that you both like going for walks at night.

It’s not until later you discover the differences in people. Like she likes to be alone when you like to be with people. That you like to give gifts when they don’t know how to accept them.

But I think with me it’s always going to stay. The honeymoon phase will always be around with me. I love our differences. I love that we can get annoyed with each other, do our own thing, and know when to leave each other alone when needed.

It’s everything that makes us great. We both aren’t perfect alone, but sometimes together we are. I’m always going to have very strong feelings for her. I think now I know how to handle them a whole lot better than I did before.

Like I said everything was new. When you get something new you don’t really know what to do with it at first. You might mess up. Thing’s don’t go the way you thought they would. Maybe it’s a little different at first.

But in the end if you still got what you wanted in the beginning and you are more than happy with what you have then nothing should change. It hasn’t changed. The only thing that really does change is that every day is better and better with her.

I’m always going to be happy with her. I’m always going to be satisfied with her. I’m always going to have every feeling in the world with her. And most importantly I’m always going to feel like I have everything with her.

She has taught me so many things in life that it’s unreal. Everyday is a new learning experience. Everyday I learn something new about her. Everyday I learn something new about myself!

So I guess the honeymoon phase, to me at least, does exist. It exists very much between us. It exist because I’m always going to be crazy about her. I’m always going to love everything about us. The good and the bad. The similarities and differences.

Someone once told me that relationships are like waves. They have their ups and down. The rough patches and the small ripples. Sometimes they have a pattern and other times it’s at random.

Eventually you’ll crash, but when you do you’ll end up on the beach. And who doesn’t like the beach anyway?

It’s all very great. Every bit of it.

I couldn’t be happier. I just want her to know that she will always be my number one for everything and anything.

So maybe the honeymoon phase isn’t really a phase at all. Maybe its just a term for people who don’t last in relationships. Maybe its a stage where people can’t see past the physical love of someone which is why its so short lived.

All I really know and care about is that everything is exactly how it should be between her and I.


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