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Chasing My Star

I never write poems. I don’t because I haven’t written one since my creative writing class in college and also because I don’t think I was ever too good at them.

My sweetheart shared one that she made a long time ago with me. It was a good but dark poem about a past relationship. She asked if I ever keep a log of any bad times. I don’t.

What I didn’t tell her though is that I keep a log of all the great things. Everything good about her. Everything that is awesome bout us. What ever makes me extremely happy that day I write it down to stop me from shouting it out at the top of my lungs.

So here is one that I made this morning.


I titled it: “Chasing My Star”


Your face is edged in my brain,

A stone image that will never leave with its beauty preserved,

From the moment I close my eyes to when I wake you are there,

I chase after you, wondering and waiting,

Will today keep us together?

Will tomorrow bring us closer?

I run after you every second of my life,

My fingertips numb from the thought of your touch,

The chills I get from your soft beautiful voice,

That feeling in my stomach from those eyes of yours,

Waking up breathless and full of hope,

Your beauty is the world’s greatest mystery,

Your charm, your smile, your eyes, your laugh,

Where did it all come from? No one may ever find out,

But I’ll spend a lifetime to figure it out,

I’ll be the one for you,

To hold you closer than anyone has ever before,

To let you know my loyalty has no price, no catch,

You are my guiding light, my shining star, my greatest mystery

Always wondering how I won your heart and how you stole mine,

The thought that you find me worthy brings true happiness,

And for you, you are more than worthy, you are godly,

Every second with you, my goddess, is unbelievable,

Stay with me and I’ll stay with you,

Let us be who we always wanted to be,

Together at last.


Hope you liked it. Not much of a poem type guy but it’s something new I decided to try.

In other news this is day one of writing my book that I always wanted to try. I’ll keep up on here and try not to give away too many details about what I am writing. I wanted to write about basically what I already do on here except in greater depth, detail, and a better flow.

I thought about doing a two part book maybe only making it a few hundred pages (around 250 -300).

Maybe title them “Life Before Her” and “The Good Great Life”.

Who knows. They may change as I go on. Hopefully it’ll just be something fun to do just to say that I can do it.

Not looking for a profit or even a publishing out of the whole thing.

The fact that people always say I am somewhat of a good writer wants me to put it all to the test. Let’s see if I can take this challenge head on and hopefully make something good out of it.

And of course, this goes without saying, my dearest lady will probably be the very first to read it. Sorry, but her opinion matters most to me 😉

But on with my day. I got a very long open schedule and writing this novel wont do it itself (but god I wish it would…).


If you want to comment/email me with any great tips, advice, or motivation that would be awesome.
















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