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The Corner Table

I almost forgot how mentally exhausting writing can be.

As stated in previous posts I started on my personal project. Writing my book.

I decided to title it “Above and Below Average: The adventures of love, hate, and life as we know it”

I’m a little over 5,000 words and starting the second chapter. It’s been about six or so hours since I started writing it. I can’t even gather my thoughts as words just start to slowly spill out.

It started off strong and the brakes are slowly being pressed. I found my mental limit.

But I want to keep going. Last night my sweetheart gave me a book when I was over last night. She wrote a few words on the first page. I didn’t know what she wrote in it when she gave it to me. I opened it up during one of my mental breaks. I almost just lost it in the coffee shop I’m at when I read what she wrote.

It read:


You are one of the single-most incredible people I have ever met in my entire life. I am beyond amazed by you every day that passes, and it only gets better.

Thank you for being who you are; and thank you especially for who you are to me 🙂

❤ Heather


Wow. Talk about a cheap shot to making me feel all soft and gooey inside, ha ha.

Its amazing that someone like her can identify me as something so important as she makes me seem. Honestly I don’t see what she sees in me, but I have some sort of an idea.

See, everything for the past few months we have been together I can start to see something great about me. Something that has been kept away from me for way too long.

We both talked about how one’s identity can be stripped away when you live with someone. It starts to become all about them instead of yourself. But the weird thing is that when I’m with her, its all about her… And myself.

I wouldn’t be able to do all of these amazing things if it wasn’t for her. I’m all about her because I can be all about myself now. She challenges me to be great every day and better believe challenge accepted every time.

I would of never opened up my cello case that has traveled with me for years and started back up. I would of never been able to be happy with myself if she didn’t give me a kick in the rear to get started on that. Most importantly, I would of never found the creative side of me with my writing if it wasn’t for her.

She is by far something that is so indescribable that the only thing I can do is smile. I can’t find any word in the world that can describe exactly who she is. She is the reason why I push myself to do bigger and greater things.

If I could respond to the note she gave me I would imagine it would be something along the lines of…


Words can’t describe how happy I am. I can’t even imagine what is going through your mind every day you think about me or see me, but one thing that I am glad for is your existence.

If it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t be the great guy you would see me as now. I would be lost, troubled, and probably forgotten. You are the heart and soul of my way of doing things. Nothing is dictated by you, but rather inspired by you. You are the most precious thing to me and I will fulfill any promise that I throw at you. Why? Because you are worth every damn cent I have.

We are still young. Things are still new. This is still the start of something awesome. The only thing I ask of you is to be who you are. The amazing strong woman I fell in love with. Without your smile, your eyes, your charm and soft touch you have there is nothing for me to look forward to in life.

Trust me, its easy to keep me chasing after you. Just keep being exactly who you are.

You stole my heart, but I kept your smile for me to look forward to seeing.

I’ll be everything you want me to be because you are everything I ever wanted.

– Your Asian”

The coffee shop that I’m in has the most amazing friendly people. I had a few people sit down with me and we all exchanged amazing life stories that made us all laugh. Its fun meeting new people. I think I’ve been here for way too long because they have already cycled through three different cashiers serving drinks.

All appreciation and feelings aside, I really need to get back to writing my story.

Have a wonderful Thursday everyone! I’ll be back on tomorrow!

(Progress report: Started chapter 2. 5,056 words)








  1. Cheryl felton says

    Alex, I do hope your lady knows how lucky she is to have a guy like you! Any girl would love to have a guy so caring and open as you. You blow me away with your thoughts and insights into things. Keep up the awesome work!!



    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Cheryl but like I tell everyone I’m the lucky one to have someone like her 🙂 She is really a true inspiration to all of the writings I do.


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