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Woke up this morning at my usual time.

I got all showered up, dressed, and took my pup outside to play in the snow for a bit. I looked at my pathetic attempt of building a snowman earlier (I’m a kid at heart) and wondered if I could mold it into something more awesome.

I then got all of my things and off to my usual spot to continue on with my book. I walked in the door and the same girl behind the counter shouted “Good morning!” like always. I didn’t even have to say what I wanted. She got me what I get every time I go there: a large black coffee with a poppy seed muffin. She then asked if I was interested in a punch card. I forgot mine so she decided to start me up with another one. She punched about six holes in it and said she knows that I always get a coffee and didn’t want me to fall behind.

I then sat at my usual corner spot, looked around at all the usual people in their usual spot, and fired up my laptop.

Looking at other peoples blog it seems the running topic is happiness. What makes you happy?

I commented on their posts and realized that there is really only one thing that has made me happy.

Happiness for me is having the most incredible girl who inspires me to be great every day. It’s not seeing her smile, its not the way she speaks to me, and its not her beauty. Yes, all of those things do make me happy, but the greatest thing about her that really makes me happy above everything else is that she inspires me to find myself. She wants me to figure out who I am first before figuring out my feelings about her and about us.

In the beginning I had no clue who I was. She told me to take a step back and think about me for once. That was something I haven’t done. I looked at all that she has done with her life. She’s an incredible gamer, artist, caring loving person, singer (she sings to me sometimes), awkward, and an incredibly hard worker. What could I do to match all that? All I knew how to do was work and work for others. There was no “me time” in the equation.

So then I thought what creative side do I have? I started writing down all of my feelings on a text document on my computer. I then started up this blog. That soon turned to me wanting to start playing my cello again. Then that turned into me getting an Xbox. Then all of the white space I had in my life soon turned into something colorful and exciting. I never got excited about doing things just by myself. I can now make more decisions for myself than I ever had before.

Without my lovely woman what would I be doing right now? Probably just rolling with life instead of challenging myself every day I am alive.

So I guess I will pass the torch of the topic of the day and ask all of you guys the million dollar question: What makes you truly happy?


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I am just the weirdest, friendliest, and possibly even the most annoying person you will ever meet. No one can quite understand me. I try to convince people that I am just an every day average guy but my past life events have not backed me up on that claim. Where life has taken me is where very few have experienced. My ultimate goal here is to share to people that, yes, life can be hard. It will literally push you to the edge of the earth and laugh in your face. I want to let people know that they are not alone. No matter what class, race, or age we all have problems and our successes. My actual job is to literally talk to people. I love my job so much that I started this blog to share to the world my voice, experiences, and opinions about life and its crazy ride that we are all stuck on. If you have anything you want to share or have me write about please feel free to contact me :)

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