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Say Hello to Goodbye

Today I woke up a bit late. I didn’t feel like driving to the coffee shop this morning so I didn’t work on my book this morning (oh well).

But today I got some sort of good news. For many of you that don’t know, I am in the United States Marine Corps and have served almost four years honorably. A few months ago I requested a inner service transfer to the United States Air Force for the job of Fire Protection (Fire Fighter) for the National Guard unit near my city.

I just got word today that my transfer paper work has been completed and making its way back to be signed off by my Commanding Officer.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love the Marine Corps. I love being a Marine. I’m sure my sweetheart loves bragging that she is dating a Marine who is in the infantry (even though I don’t look, act, or talk like it). But sadly it is time to move on with my life. The infantry has taken me all over the world and I have met some amazing people and learned a lot about different cultures from all over. The problem I had been facing was I know what I could offer to the Marine Corps, but what could the Marine Corps offer me in return?

It does look good on a resume, the uniforms do look nice, and I love saying that I am in the most elite fighting force that the country has ever given birth to; however, it is time for me to start looking into getting a career started.

The Air National Guard will allow me to be certified to be a fire fighter in the state (and if not I just have to do a re-certification test to get a job) and start a great career. I needed to start thinking about the future and not just the here and now.

I hope to have a wife, family, and a nice house in the future. I can’t do it by just waiting for a war to happen. I’m not giving up on the Marines because I love every bit of it (well sort of). I’ve had some of the best memories being in the Marines.

But like I said its time to get my act together for a brighter future not only for myself, but for my future family as well. I already have contacted a few fire departments and talked to a few Fire Chiefs that my friends and co workers have worked with. Some sound promising, others don’t.

All I’m waiting on is for next month to get the ball rolling. I’m sure my sweetheart would be okay saying that she is dating a sexy fire fighter and not a Marine, but you know the saying: “Once a Marine, Always a Marine.”

So I’ll just have to wait for next month for the papers to be finalized. Maybe I’m celebrating prematurely but from the word I got it sounds like everything is going without a hitch.

I’m pretty sure all that’s next is to be an astronaut to nail every childhood dream job after this.


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