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Well I took a very long break from this site. I was a bit too busy watching the news of seeing a town burn to the ground because of one action that an officer did that changed the world.

This post may stir up a lot of mixed emotions in people, but I want to at least throw out my opinion (just like the million people on the internet who instantly obtained a law degree while sitting in a computer chair pissed off that they cant commit a crime without any consequences).

Now obviously the continued “race wars” of America is still going on. Everybody is screaming racism and police brutality. That Officer Wilson is a cold blooded murder and that Mr. Brown was an innocent child who’s picture of a cap and gown posted around the internet is suppose to tear into the hearts of those who don’t understand the type of job a Law Enforcement Officer (LEO) and only see them as the street bullies they apparently are(n’t).

Before I write this down, there is a famous quote from an Army general comes to mind. The quote is about Marines (you can look up the actual quote by Army General William Thornson). But it goes something like this: “The only people who know exactly what happened are the Officer and the suspect/people involved. Every one else has a second-hand opinion.”

Listen… I don’t know what its like to live in the ghetto and to constantly be approached by the LEO’s every day. One thing though, I am not a stranger of is racism.

I am an Asian male. I don’t fit the stereotype of being a mathematician, doctor, or engineer. I can drive fairly decent, I don’t eat household pets, and I don’t speak broken english. I’ve been told to go back to where I came from by both white and black people. I guess I should inform people I was born in Michigan…?

I don’t know why people are all still up in arms about the whole fact that they believe that white people are destroying a certain race group. Since when was it okay to blame other people for your own failures? Not saying that a specific race group has failed. I’m just saying right down to the individual that every single person has a choice in life. Whether or not they want to lead or follow is completely up to them. I guess people all love leading riots nowadays.

Now that comment was not directed to, what the social media would call, the “black community”. There are tons of successful people in every race in this country. If the “white” race was so against every other race I’m sure they would have not allowed any one of us to be anything more successful than a fast food employee.

The whole “African American” thing can stop. Not one of those people who claim that title can even name one single relative that took their first steps onto American Soil (kudos to them if they can). I can’t name the first person in my family to be the first ones in this (somewhat) great country which is why I don’t identify myself as “Asian American”.

I am an American. You are an American. Officer Wilson and Mr. Brown were, are, and will always be Americans. Let’s take down that border that separates us.

If people really want to end segregation then why continue to bring up white and black? Why can’t people just realize that an officer was attacked by a person who committed a crime and did what it took to survive. (that’s what I saw and said, but apparently me viewing it as a guy attacked another guy and got shot by that guy made me turn into a racist even though I didn’t even mention race… ‘Merica…)

“Unarmed” kept getting tossed around.

Black, white, unarmed, teenager, young, racist, riots, Cop, National Guard.

Let me translate all of this for you to easily understand this.

Social and news media use these words because it = $$$$$$$$$$$$$

Do you really think that the people we trust to bring us the news really care about the whole situation? Or are they all about who will view their news station instead of keeping up with a sitcom every night?

That kind of sounded conspiracy-ish like *cough* Jesse Ventura *cough* but trust me, I have nothing but trust in what I read in the news. Only because the bad news gets better reactions than good news (no one cares about cops saving ducks going across the street).

I truly do feel sorry for the Brown’s. Regardless of how someone loses a family member, or even how they were raised and acted, it is always tragedy. I can’t imagine what it would feel like to lose a son.

For Officer Wilson, I can’t imagine the feeling of knowing you took someone’s life. The fear he must of had before pulling the trigger is something that all of us can keep saying “we know the feeling” but unless you’ve actually been there, please be respectful and shut your mouth.

There are no winners or losers, but if you really had to choose both sides are ultimately losers in this. The Brown’s lost a son, Officer Wilson can never do his job that he loved again and will be living his life in hiding and fear because of the shot that changed everything. And further more, a town was destroyed by the fury of ignorance and violence during what was suppose to be a “peaceful” protest.

Here is one question though. Why riot? What is the point of causing a riot to prove a point? I mean congratulations to the ghetto stereotypes for proving everything except for what the point of all of this was.

“I’m so disgusted by the justice system for letting a ‘crime’ go free. I’m going to commit arson, loot a family business, and burn some random guys car because I am all for equality and against police brutality”. (Makes total sense, right?)

If we really want to put up any borders, this is the only one we should really see: People who actually want change and those who say they do but act like animals and destroy everything while shrugging their shoulders going “I don’t know why people think I’m a ruthless destructive thug”.

In translation it is people who have a brain and those who don’t.

Morgan Freeman once said in an interview “the only way we can stop racism is to stop talking about it”. (This is the link to the short clip of the interview:

The poor citizens of Ferguson were told that the police could not protect them because of the riots that were going to happen after the Grand Jury’s decision. What? Really? And during the riots fire fighters, who apparently are suppose to be the race neutral heroes, couldn’t put out the fires that the brain damaged misguided people of America started. When I had a police scanner app installed in my phone (hey I had to, America was burning) I heard paramedics attempting to go to a person who was in cardiac arrest, but couldn’t make it since the crowd was too big and in the way. I’m guessing some poor person died because of the whole conflict, but who cares right? That isn’t news worthy (kidding).

Obviously there are more races than white and black in America. We have Asians, Hispanics, Jewish, Middle Eastern, and so on. So when one of us gets actually murdered in cold blood why is it that, at best, we only make the 5’O’Clock news at a local news station? No one ever mentioned nation wide about the “white” man who murdered and decapitated an Asian Male and his pregnant white girlfriend during a Craigslist transaction in my town. Not one single Asian male burned the streets because of a white male who in cold blood took two (potentially three) lives. When OJ Simpson was acquitted for the murders of two “white” people did they go out in town and destroy everything? Are we seeing a pattern?

So if black lives matter and every one deserves equality, shouldn’t Asian lives matter as well? Why don’t “my people” rise up against the white folks for also putting us down. If everyone forgot (REMINDER!!) there are still sweatshops that run Hispanics and Asians 24/7 in hopes for their families to live a better life in America. In other words big companies still use slavery except the slaves get paid a little bit better than the ones back in the 1800’s did.

I tried to find a reason for all of this. One of my best friends put it this way.

(If you’re not a sports fan trust me… You’ll still get this.)

He said “White people are like University of Michigan and the Black people are like Michigan State University. When they fight riots will happen, people will act stupid, and there will always be a rivalry between them. Asians are like Western Michigan University. No one really cares about them. We all know they exist but… They aren’t as exciting to watch since they aren’t really a big deal to people.”

It all made sense to me. It really is like watching two big sports team clash. Every one else is just another game that can be over looked.

One thing that I am really thankful for (’tis the season) is that people on the internet are at least somewhat intelligent about the whole situation. I know, right?! Usually the internet people are full of idiots who “ooh” and “awe” at cat videos and lawyers who never had a degree other than watching Law and Order: SVU comment about how they know everything about what defines a crime and the law.

I’ve been seeing a lot of “Why riot? You’re not proving anything other than you are all a bunch of destructive animals who really don’t deserve what you’re asking for. Keep burning and destroying your communities instead of bonding together and growing… Great job”. (Thank you for the guy/girl who made that comment on Yahoo News).

Ugh… I really could keep going on and on about this whole mess, but just like every one else I am just another opinion thrown out into the jungle of madness and chaos.

If anyone could please agree with Morgan Freeman and please just stop talking about racism. I’m sure I was still able to get a job just like a white, black, and Hispanic person could. I do not fear the police (Ha, probably because I work in Law Enforcement) because I don’t commit crimes. I don’t say “F**k the police” because like a normal freaking person I don’t do drugs, I don’t fight people, steal, rob, murder, assault, deal drugs, organize illegal fights, strong arm rob people, beat my girlfriend, kick my dog, curse at my mom, or anything else that make people go “dude that guy is so freaking stupid” to ever make me go “yeah I’m fearful of the police”. (Translation: Why can’t I commit a crime or do anything against the law in peace? Damn police).

You ever stop and talk to one of us? We are people. We do a job. We have a family to go home to. We all have bad days just as much as our good days. And unlike a retail job, I don’t get to choose to not help people. The same ones who spit at me and curse at me are the same ones the next week who complain that I don’t do anything for them. Ever try working for people like that? Try it for a few years and see what its like.

It’s about time for me to step off my soap box preacher mode and get back to what I’ve been doing.

My book is still being worked on, but very slowly. The holiday’s have consumed every ounce of life force I have left and I am literally crawling ever day to do anything.

Unless my sweetheart wants to do something. I swear everything about her is like a shot of cocaine in my veins and makes me awake and motivated (that being said I have no idea what that would actually feel like and am just purely guessing).

I’ll be having my Turkey day with my Mother tomorrow. And I wish all of you a happy Thanksgiving as well!

Take care and be safe over the holiday.

Don’t die during Black Friday, but show them who’s boss!







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