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New Year, New Love

Happy New Year everyone! 2015 is finally here!

I hope that everyone had an awesome fun fueled celebration with the new year coming its way. The first day where New Years Resolutions will be in full swing before they eventually die down in a week. Truth…

With everything going on I thought that the new year would be a clean slate. Everything just shakes off and starts new. I guess that was kind of true for me. Everything did shake off and started new… Only problem was that there are now new problems…

I had to do a full 1.5 hour body workout in order to relieve my stress so I don’t say things out of wacky crazy full blown emotions (my arms are so pumped I can’t feel them).

Last night was crazy fun. It all started with lunch with some really great friends of mine. It was my best friend, fellow officer as well, and his girlfriend. Of course we should all know my girl was there, too. We were meeting at a sushi restaurant that one of our friends decided to pick out. My friend asked me through a text if noon was too early for beers. I jokingly said “well lets order one and if we get dirty looks from our girls then we’ll know.”

Luckily, for me, I arrived a few minutes late and saw that my friend had already ordered and got his beer. So I guess noon wasn’t too early for beers. New Years Eve… Why not? So we all laughed and had a good time. A lot of people started to leave their tables. Yeah, we were those guys at the restaurant. You know… The ones where you just go “why don’t they just shut up!”

So after we got done eating the food of my people we left for the mall. The girls had to get something to wear cause apparently all of their clothes were no good or something (I would assume). So naturally my buddy and I went to the bar. Thank god for bars in malls! We just sat there and talked about our girls the entire time. We talked bout how he and his girl met, what my girl and I were planning for the new year coming up, and talking about all going out again as much as we could. The more and more we talked the more and more I got excited to give my girl her final Christmas gift.

I had it in my pocket the entire time. I think if you recall, or if I never mentioned here it is, that I had a ring that was made from an Xbox 360 controller. It as an ‘A’ button on a brass ring or something. Something inexpensive, but really great and thoughtful for a gamer girl. I had no idea what I was going to say to present the ring to her because if I had something planned I didn’t want to screw it up and wanted to say what I needed to say from the heart and not from a script. I just knew the ending was “and if you accept my promise to you, all you need to do is press ‘A’ to continue” cause you know… You press ‘A’ in most games to skip through things or to accept. I thought it was pretty cool…

So we all parted ways for a few hours to catch up on getting ready. Me? I was already all dressed up so naturally I took a nap on the couch. I forgot that my sweetheart volunteered, without my knowledge, my place as Plan B if the night didn’t go exactly as planned. Meaning if the bars were too packed we would just celebrate at my place.

So I woke up not realizing I had about an hour to clean up the place to make it seem somewhat decent before our friends arrived. I did the dishes, swept the floors as best as I could, and picked up a few things. My dog went crazy and started barking at the door. My friends had already arrived just as I was finishing up with dishes. Always a great surprise.

So a few minutes later my sweetheart arrived as well. We all went out to this new local bar where my friend was playing with her band. It was a nice odd place. The theme was like an auto garage. The pictures on the wall were of old cars and the cups said like “NAPA auto parts” on it or something. It was weird.

But the night went on and we got… Really no other way to say it. We got hammered. I had a few beers, shots, rum and cokes, and a few more shots. My girl had a lot of long island iced teas. We were all just drunk out of our minds. Her and I were so affectionate towards each other. It was almost perfect. I forgot all the stressful things in life and just looked at her. Even blitzed I knew she was the only one for me. I had the ring in my pocket and I figured it was now or I would forget about it later.

Since my friends band was playing, and we were front row, I leaned in as close as I could to her ear. I think I kissed her face on the way there. I yelled in her ear “You know I love you, right? What if I promised you I will love you every day as much as I can possible? What if I promised you that you’re the only one for me? Would you accept these promises from me?” She then looked at me, drunk, slightly confused looking, and happy as hell, saying “Why I would! Why?” “Okay! All you need to do is press ‘A’ to continue, babe!” (not the greatest transition in romantic history I know…).

She looked at it and immediately snatched it from me. She stuck it right on her left ring finger. My god did that ring look excellent on that finger. She had this smile that could melt the arctic circle right on the spot. She looked like she finally got the loving gesture she had been longing for. I just happen to be that guy who would deliver. Funny how somethings coming from me take little effort thanks to love.

We all redirected our attention to the flat screens on the walls. The midnight hour was coming in. 55 Seconds on the clock I remember I looked at her and said “You ready for the best New Years kiss ever? Cause I know I am”.

As the final seconds went down we both went in. It was pure magic. Her lips on mine just felt like it could light up the midnight sky. I couldn’t stop. A few seconds after the clock struck midnight we just kept at it.

Finally we were all done at the bar and were on our way home. Well, we were driven home. We couldn’t even talk or walk straight so we had our friends drop us off at my place. As soon as we got inside my place, we picked up right where we left off. We kissed for god knows how long. If I had it my way it would of lasted until the sun rose.

We laid in my bed for a while before we fell asleep. Before we both passed out I remember our conversation (vaguely) but she asked me how much I loved her. I told her that she is the love of my life and that no one could or would ever replace her. She then asked so many questions that seemed to pick at how much I truly love her. I told her everything that I felt that night. I mean everything. I did not hold back one bit. I felt free of everything that night. With her head on my chest laying down I told her that someday she will be my wife, a mother to our kids, and will always be my love no matter what. She kept kissing my chest. I could tell her face was super red because I could feel the warmth of her cheeks right up against my face.

She whispered in my ear that she loves me and that I am the love of her life. I told her that the promise ring wasn’t exactly an engagement ring because I wanted to get her something so much nicer than that. She then looked right at me and said “It can be whatever I decide it will be. You already know I don’t need nice things. Unless you have something better to replace it it’ll remain on my ring finger. For you and for me”.

I can’t begin to tell you what exactly I was feeling because I can’t describe my feelings like that. It’s like someone literally took every feeling I have for her, put it in a blender, and poured it all over my heart. It was so much to take in. I couldn’t figure out what to say. I just kept my hand on her head as she laid on my chest. She could feel my heart beat and I could feel her warm face.

Soon this will be an every day occurrence, but for now it’s something I will cherish every second I get the chance to be with her like that.

So all in all, I started my new year with a new love. A new feeling. A new kind of girl for me. A fresh new start. A new life together. Just her and I.

What will this year bring us? Who knows. One thing that I know for sure is that I love her with all my heart.

And I know that every passing year I have with her will never change that feeling.

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