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The Traveler’s Mind

I have been all around the world.

Korea, Japan, Canada, Africa, the Bahamas, and all over the United States (of course).

Thanks to family trips, friends, and the military I have been able to see all kinds of places and learned so much about the culture of people from far and distant lands.

I think a while into making and running this blog I really wanted to start making some friends on here. I really want to travel to Europe, but not like the busy city parts. I want to go back packing through Europe. Explore the wilderness there and experience the real part of the countries in Europe. I think it would be more fun to actually go there if I had a friend to meet over there.

I feel like going to other countries is fun and all, but I don’t want to feel like such a tourist. I want to feel like I actually belong there for a minute or two. I want to be dragged all around town to spots where the people who live there hang out at. Not some site seeing tour that millions have been to.

Whenever I go to Korea we always meet up with my friend. Thankfully he speaks english so we can hold a conversation. He always buys me a few beers and we just chill in bars. We drive all around town and just pretty much hang like I would here in Michigan.

I hate feeling like a stranger. It’s just not in me. So I think my next international travel plans would be to go to Europe. Not sure where yet, but it just seems so… cliche to say “I want to go back packing through Europe” cause lets face it… almost everyone says that.

But I don’t think a lot of people can say “I want to meet up with my friend over there so we can hang out”. That’s what I want the most. I want to experience the people, the smells of the city, the true culture of the lifestyle. Not just something you see on a commercial tour bus.

I want to be able to continue to talk to people who I’ve met because I would want them to know what America is like as well. I want to make good life long friends that I thought would never happen in a million years.

I mean Morocco was probably the most memorable trip I have taken. Luckily it was pretty recent too. We got to experience the real people there, not some people in a tourist town. I wouldn’t mind going back there again, but I’ve already been there. Maybe some other time.

I guess all I have to do now is save up and figure out where I would want to go.

So where should I visit first?


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I am just the weirdest, friendliest, and possibly even the most annoying person you will ever meet. No one can quite understand me. I try to convince people that I am just an every day average guy but my past life events have not backed me up on that claim. Where life has taken me is where very few have experienced. My ultimate goal here is to share to people that, yes, life can be hard. It will literally push you to the edge of the earth and laugh in your face. I want to let people know that they are not alone. No matter what class, race, or age we all have problems and our successes. My actual job is to literally talk to people. I love my job so much that I started this blog to share to the world my voice, experiences, and opinions about life and its crazy ride that we are all stuck on. If you have anything you want to share or have me write about please feel free to contact me :)

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