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Part 1 of 4


Finally got my living room turned into my fitness room.

IMG_6492 (2)

There’s still a dinner table for two.

I was up and at it for about six hours. Moving my couch to the back and moving my weights to the front. It almost seemed never ending. Sometimes when moving you make a bigger mess than you anticipate.

Looking at it now, it looks like I just moved into my apartment again. There’s just so much stuff everywhere, but at least my front room is all cleaned up and finished. Next is my bedroom, kitchen, and the back room. They’re all sort of in a big pile of a mess.

It’s a good thing I’ll be working a night shift today. I’ll just spend most of my day tomorrow finishing up the back room. I’m not too worried about the bedroom since I do nothing but sleep there.

This just makes me want a house so bad. I know I will love how everything will look once its all set up, but I’m just going to be moving in a few months (or at least I hope so). I want something more set in stone. Just like everything in life, I don’t want to worry about change or losing anything. If it’s more permanent the better it is for me.

I’m not going to lie… I’m an unstable guy who loves stability.

More to come. Tomorrow I should get everything else finished. I have the whole day off so no slacking or dillydallying from me!

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I am just the weirdest, friendliest, and possibly even the most annoying person you will ever meet. No one can quite understand me. I try to convince people that I am just an every day average guy but my past life events have not backed me up on that claim. Where life has taken me is where very few have experienced. My ultimate goal here is to share to people that, yes, life can be hard. It will literally push you to the edge of the earth and laugh in your face. I want to let people know that they are not alone. No matter what class, race, or age we all have problems and our successes. My actual job is to literally talk to people. I love my job so much that I started this blog to share to the world my voice, experiences, and opinions about life and its crazy ride that we are all stuck on. If you have anything you want to share or have me write about please feel free to contact me :)

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