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Under The Weather

Finally got my apartment all finished up. Unfortunately I’m sick in bed and typing this on my phone. Hopefully a few tiny cups of liquid medicine and my grapefruit juice will get me back up on my feet in no time.

Maybe someone babying me through this couldn’t hurt, but beggars can’t be choosers now can we?


So finally got my back room done. Nothing too special. Hung up a few video game posters and some paintings from my moms friend.


It’s one of my favorite pieces she’s painted. Cost a few pretty pennies, but that’s not the important part. The most important thing to me is that this piece has always been my favorite. It was a gift to our family when we last visited her friend. I admired the artwork on her wall and poof! She took it off her wall and handed it to us.

Just as simple as that. From her very own art studio as well! She gave it to us because we were like family to her. Like I said, simple as that.

Got my kitchen finally in order as well. So many cooking utensils and cook books. I think I have to start from left to right with all the books. Maybe I’ll start posting some recipes on here and see how well I can really cook.


It’s not much, but it’s how I wanted it. And I guess that’s all that matters. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I still want to get a house. But I finally think that fixing up the place how I want it makes it feel so much like a home to me more than ever. I am so excited to see what I can do when I finally do move into a home.

Whether it’s with someone or not, I can’t wait to find a place to call home for good.

Until then… chicken soup, tea, and Netflix until I feel better 🙂

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I am just the weirdest, friendliest, and possibly even the most annoying person you will ever meet. No one can quite understand me. I try to convince people that I am just an every day average guy but my past life events have not backed me up on that claim. Where life has taken me is where very few have experienced. My ultimate goal here is to share to people that, yes, life can be hard. It will literally push you to the edge of the earth and laugh in your face. I want to let people know that they are not alone. No matter what class, race, or age we all have problems and our successes. My actual job is to literally talk to people. I love my job so much that I started this blog to share to the world my voice, experiences, and opinions about life and its crazy ride that we are all stuck on. If you have anything you want to share or have me write about please feel free to contact me :)


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