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Cash, Credit, Budget…

I’ve been really thrown off my game lately. I’ve been working both night and day shifts and I’m getting my times mixed around. I’m throwing posts on here around two in the morning and waking up at one in the afternoon. Then I just jump right back into a day shift schedule the next day. So needless to say everything due to my crazy inconsistent schedule is suffering.

I haven’t done a real workout in over a week. I haven’t been keeping up with this like I normally should. And I have been dozing off with things to do around the house. I’m starting to feel fat and lazy. Like every time I just want to sit in the house on my couch my belly gets bigger and my stamina just decreases super fast. I’m sure my girlfriend would kill me if she heard me say “I’m getting fat” cause she doesn’t think it’s possible with me. But trust me… it is…

But today is my busy work day. I’m making my finance budgets and creating check-off sheets. I realized that memorizing things for me is not exactly my biggest “win” (just ask any of my friends) so I need something physically reminding me of something coming up. I created my workout schedule, grocery items, finances, bill due dates, and future goals (such as my trips and financial goals). It’s a real pain but it will make everything about a billion times easier for me. I always had a hard time just sitting down remembering what I have to do (even working out).

Now that the busy work of starting everything is over with I now have to figure out the whole scheme of maneuvers with the finances. The BIG question lies in this: Do I use cash or credit?

A stack of credit cards

I’ve always used a debit card ever since my very first one in high school. Since then it was very rare of me to ever have to use cash. But the problem is that a debit card alone, just by staring at it, does not show you how much money you have left on it. You just swipe it without even thinking twice and you get what you want. That was an even BIGGER problem. Was that I always got what I wanted and not what I needed. Sometimes I would do the irresponsible things and over look bill due dates (not by much but still). So I devised a plan that will be in full swing by next week. I will only be using cash to physically see where my finances are.

It’s not enough for me to fill out in a book exactly what my finances are because as long as I still have my debit/credit cards whatever is in that book wont matter. That’s my terrible truth to my spending habits. When I filed my taxes I questioned if I really did make that much because I always seemed to be coming up short sometimes. Well… no more. A whole new responsible side of me is coming out. Just wish that happened like… ten years ago or something…

In six months time I need to save up for my trip to Korea. It’s actually really doable if I stick to the plan. I’m also planning to move into a new place, hopefully a rented house and not an apartment, by this summer. That is also doable to have enough for first months rent and the security deposit (I generalized the cost). The only thing I have to really make sure I can stick with is the budget. If I veer off my plan big big future goals will get ruined.

I just have to remember a few things. I really want to move to a new place. I really want a vacation of a life time with my love. BUT more importantly I want to start building a good habit instead of a bad one. I guess time will tell if I am willing to stick to the plan. We’ll see.

But in other news. My glass jar garden has been moved to the kitchen. The overwhelming garlic smell started to give me a headache. I also got some potting soil for most of the sprouting plants just so they can get better nutrients than what water can provide. So far so good. I wish I had pictures of it right now. The green onions started to regrow at a fast rate, the celery is sprouting, the lettuce has a leaf growing, and the garlic has been sprouting leaves.

Pictures soon. I promise.

Any who. Back to looking over my financial plan for 2015. Hopefully I can stick with it.

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