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Fresh New Plan

So today is my first day to start getting more lean. I weighed myself last week and I reached my heaviest weight ever. One hundred and ninety one pounds! Yikes!!

Now granted that I do weight lifting and eat a lot of heavy meats and protein it is not just fat that I packed on. But now that the winter season is coming to an end (thank god!) and spring is here I need to start my beach body look. I decided to start with my diet and completely change my eating habits. I know that a lot of my friends who do diets get real moody since it’s a break in habit of their day-to-day fatty food consumption and down to something that seems to hardly fill anyone up. This is the list I came up with that I will follow to the grave.

Breakfast: Cereal and fruit.

Lunch: Grilled chicken sandwich with avocado slices with lettuce and light mayo on whole wheat bread. Side of baby carrots and regular gluten free humus.

Dinner: Lean steak with two russet potatoes. Side of green beans or broccoli.

That beats my usual habit of munching on pizza cause I was too lazy to go out and buy food to make. I need to get off my lazy train habit and start to work on getting a better looking body. You know the saying. If you feel good, you look good, if you look good, you feel good. I want to look good so I can feel good about myself. Right now I guess I’m not that bad. I have big arms, my chest is finally coming in, and you can almost see my six pack. Now if I can just shred all of the fat away from the muscle area I should look so much better for the summer time.

In reality I just wanna look good for just two people. Myself and… well you know… I don’t want to not be good enough for her. For years people have always left for someone who they defined as “better than me”. I know she’s not even close to any of my past ex monsters, BUT I still want to eliminate any physical reasons for her to want to leave me. Also me looking this good makes me feel real good. It also puts a smile on my face that people say that some girls find me attractive because its just a slap of disappointment to them knowing I’ll never leave my sweetheart.

But thankfully my little garden experiment is working so well! My green onions are sprouting so fast that it’s hard to keep up with them. I need to start making more baked potatoes and instead of using chives just sprinkle on some of the green onion bits.


And my regular onion that just started to sprout is growing so big that its just being toppled by the green leaves on top.


And to my surprise the celery is growing back at a pretty fast rate.


And my other onion!


But just like any successful garden, there were many failures. Only four of my garlic sprouts made it out alive. They have been carefully transplanted to a new temporary home and now waiting for them to grow. They are doing well. My potatoes are slowly sprouting but so far not much as changed. I think I may have to restart the russet potatoes. Luckily it’s just a trial for a bigger scale project.

In other big news… I’ve applied to many public safety type departments within the mid west region. Hopefully something will bite. I asked my girlfriend what the plan would be if I moved to another state for a job. Whatever the plan is I would, more like WILL, see her at least twice a month. If I still plan on keeping my Jetta the gas mileage is killer in that thing! The little squirt can go like three hundred miles before its out of gas!

But big things are happening so far. I got a vacation planned for my sweetheart and I, life plans are coming together, and finally getting my diet to where it should be. Hopefully by May (very optimistic goal) I will be able to be more lean and shed off a few pounds.

Until then enjoy the warming weather people!

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