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Too Many Chiefs, Not Enough Indians

Work has dictated how I utilize my time lately. Most of it has been terrible since I have been traveling to another city for work. I recently came back from working at a branch hospital on the north side of the state. Working there was a real drag the first day. Twelve hours and not a thing happened. All we did was just sit at a desk.

The second day was a bit more eventful. One of the maintenance crew members came up to us and said “Hey there is this tunnel that runs under the entire hospital. Want to check it out?”

Heck yeah!

So we go to this room in the back of the hospital and see a hidden hatch on the floor. He pokes at it with a screwdriver and finally opens the door. Hatch opened up to this five foot deep hole. My buddy and I hop in and look around. We see a series of tunnels going left and right all over. The maintenance guy shut the hatch on us and said “Now go find the exit! I’ll meet you there!”

Kind of freaky since I thought we were going to be murdered. But we started to walk around the tunnel system. We kept running into dead ends and finding these chambers with just a drain in the middle of the room. Near the end of the tunnel we find a room filled with all of these military style cots. All stacked up and covered in years and years of dust. We figured that the tunnel system was built during the cold war and we were, in what it seemed to be, a bomb shelter.

We finally find the hatch at the end of the tunnel. We hopped out of the hole and we were both covered in dust. It took a lot of vacuuming and wet clothes to get our uniforms back to a somewhat pristine condition.

(Sorry, no pictures. We were too busy adventuring. Maybe next time I will)

But work has been a real drag. I’ve been doing on average a fourteen hour work load. By the time I get home I just feel so worn out. I clean a room just to keep myself busy and just pop on some Netflix and call it a night. Then I just go back to work. It’s a never ending cycle.

Furthermore, the fact that the department treats everyone like children bugs me. I told one of our dispatchers that I was a bit burned out. She told me it really takes a certain person with a certain mindset to take on the onslaught of the work day. I told her that I don’t want my opinions and my constant objections to operations here to get in the way of my feelings.

The point of the matter is… There is no logic and common sense here and there are no shortages of suck ups. I can’t stand working with people who kiss butt and suck up to people in the higher up positions. Leave them be! Just do your job and move on with life. But some people need to exert there “importance” and those are the ones I cant work with. Ninety nine percent of the time those are the “all talk” types of people. They do a terrible job, or no idea on how to do the job, and yet bosses love them because they take time out of their day to go chat with the big boys.

It’s all just an action-less packed migraine. It’s gotten so bad that I think everyone can see how stressed out I am outside of work. Just the utter dis likeness of my job makes me so unhappy.

I need another vacation. Just another break from all of this chaos to move on with life. I’ve applied all over and I am hoping that just one department will pick me up. Out of state, far away, same city, it all doesn’t matter. As long as I can find a place where I can be happy working at…

In other more recent news… I had to give away my two cats. They weren’t getting the right attention from me and I could not afford to keep them around. I have raised both since they were little kittens. I will miss them a lot, but luckily the family that graciously adopted them still keep in contact with me. They let me know how they are doing and are even nice enough to invite me over to their house every now and then to see them.

So now its just Melon (dog) and I. Ever since the cats left Melon has gotten even more close with me. I think it’s because she no longer has a kitty to cuddle with while I’m gone at work. I’ve been really thinking about getting another dog but I am not totally sure about it just yet. I really want to but am I really ready to handle a second pup? I couldn’t really afford to keep two cats but I think it was juts cause I had to get litter and food and other supplies just for them to lay around and poop indoors.

I may also have to figure out what kind of dog I would get. I want to get a pit bull but those are very hard to get into apartments with. Somehow the negative stigma of those dogs outweigh their actual friendly personality. Someday I will own a house with a big backyard and get all the dogs that I want to roam freely. I guess until then Melon and I will just chill.

If you guys have any suggestions of what career path I should choose or what type of new companion for Melon and I to get feel free to let me know. I’m always open to something new.

Also, enjoy the beginning phases of spring! Sooner or later the snowy winter will be nothing but a bad memory.

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    • Ha I’ve always been a dog type guy. All of the cats I had belonged to my ex’s that just dropped them off after the break up. Plus their hair got everywhere. More than my pups hair did…

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      • Haha XD well I’m a cat person but one of my sisters has a big Labrador who I like visiting. But too much work otherwise 😉


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