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The Decision

(NOTE: I got an email from one of the followers. Apparently my blog didn’t post on Friday. My internet has been cutting in and out when I’m typing so luckily it saved it in the draft folder. So here’s the post that should have been posted on Friday. Enjoy!)

This week has been one heck of a stressful one (again). But luckily the stress has boiled down just a tad bit. Earlier this week I had my interview with another agency that was looking to hire. I walked into the administration office of the Sheriff’s Department. I showed up about thirty minutes early because I had too much anxiety just sitting at home.

So I walk in with my folder of certificates and “make me look good” stuff. The administration secretary calls the back office for my interview. I sat there for over an hour cause the command staff doing interviews were late… Thirty minutes late!

But luckily because of that I felt like they were more relaxed in the interview. The Captain, Sergeant, and a Human Resources Representative were sitting in the office. I was just being my usual self. Making them laugh every so often and they always seemed genuinely interested in whatever I was talking about. I never stuttered and when I fumbled on a word and just paused and laughed at myself and they laughed too. So it was overall just a nice relaxing get-to-know-you type interview.

Then they asked if I applied for any other law enforcement agency. I told them I did in a county about a hundred miles away. They asked about the status and I told them they gave me an offer. They asked me if I took the offer and I told them that I asked for time to consider the options (even though I did take it).

I mean… The way I see it is this way… When I went to the first Sheriff’s Department interview I, again, showed up thirty minutes early. Mostly because they were about an hour and a half away but whatever. I still got there early. I let the admin employee know I was there for an interview and she paged the Sergeant. He comes out and greets me and immediately started asking how I was doing and how was the drive and so on and so on. He said that I was a bit early but it was no problem since everyone was already in the office for my interview. I did the interview and I completely thought I bombed it in a few areas.

After the command staff is done taking notes they kind of look at each other and go “well… We would like to give you a tour of the facility before we send you off just so you can get an idea of your work place”. I was a bit confused with that statement, but I just followed the Sarge around and got a nice… long… five hour tour of the whole place. He took me to each and every single work station and always asked how I felt about it.

Finally before I took off he asks “did you do background checks with us yet?” I told him that I didn’t and he says “Damn… Cause I would just say you’re hired but we need that packet in. I’ll email it to you and just get it in. We really want you here.”

So needless to say I walked out really happy and confident.

Well the week went by and not even six days pass before I get a call from the place I just interviewed at. The Sergeant calls and says “Hey it’s Sergeant *********. Did you have your interview with **** County yet?” I told him not yet but it’s tomorrow. He says “Well what is their starting there?” So I told him their starting and he says “Oh yeah we can match that. Just wanted to make sure you are still on board with us cause, I mean, we really like you and want you to work for us. Just let me know and keep in touch will ya?”

The very first thought was “Damn! Why didn’t I say they made this much more!” Honesty can kill a man sometimes…

Like I told both places… I’m not looking for just a job anymore. Jobs are for people who don’t know what they want to do yet for so I told them that I was looking for a career.

Now I have to look into apartments/houses to rent in a whole new area that I know nothing about. I am still choosing between renting a generic apartment in a complex with renting a house. I mean my whole theory behind it is why rent a house, spend all the time making it feel like “home”, and then having to just move out again? Why not just rent an apartment, make it sparkle just a bit, and leaving knowing that you weren’t going to live in an apartment forever. I mean I promised my girl a nice house where she can decorate the inside while I do the landscaping. A promise is a promise. I don’t like to break that one with her. And I especially can’t promise her a nice house for her to decorate if we just buy a new house together that doesn’t match anything that we have.

But as the saying goes “Home is where you make it”. Unless you’re Joe Dirt (move reference!).

Ugh… But it’s going to be a long weekend. My wireless router keeps cutting in and out. I’m just glad this blog always auto saves so if the internet dies out I don’t lose anything.

Have a great week everyone!

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