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Step One of a New Life

I am working throughout the weekend and through the night to just get everything all packed up. Moving is not my favorite thing to do. I do enjoy the excitement of the idea of finding a new place to move to. Looking tirelessly on the internet for a nice looking apartment.

I spent hours looking for a nice place to move to. The thing about living in the city I live in now is that it was never hard to know what was a good place and what was a bad place. I’ve lived at my current city for a bout five years now. You start to get the idea of the town and know what place is the good side of town and what side you should probably just keep your doors locked and run through red lights… 

But moving about fifty – sixty miles east is not exactly where I know.

I had a Marine Corps Ball event in the city I’m moving to a few years ago (back when I was in the Marines) and I remember just seeing how crappy the town looked. It was the Marines though so… maybe they just got a cheap place for the event.

But I did do a lot of research online and drove to a lot of places to look at the neighborhoods. Finally I settled on a nice little townhouse complex that did military/law enforcement discounts (that pretty much sold it to me). I realized how they set people in. When I was being showed my new place I noticed a lot of veterans were on the same block as me. I talked to a few of them and they were glad a young military guy was moving in and not some young punk from the generation of “you owe me“. I was glad that there weren’t any of those punks on the block either.

I mean with all of the news going on about the police and law enforcement officers under blast people always ask “you 100% sure you want to do this job?”


Why would something like that stop me from doing what I want to do most. All this negative publicity is doing is news media to cover something else because there isn’t much to make an article about except transgender heroes and cute animals (in my opinion). I know a lot of great police officers who work tirelessly throughout the day and night just so that other people can feel safe. They say a very small percentage of people actually hate the police. Everyone else is just looking to gain sympathy and popularity from people around them, but once their in the patrol car its all “yes, sir. No, sir”.

Amazing, right?

I mean I feel sorry for those who like to blame other people in the event to stay away from claiming any sort of consequences for their actions. Sometimes I just sit and wonder why people hate the police so much. I mean I guess I would be annoyed if the police came to my place every other week and I had to deal with that, but then again… I don’t put myself in those situations in the first place.

It’s always easy to avoid any police involvement. It’s super easy to just follow the rules of the law. I do it everyday without even thinking. It must take a lot of effort to break the law.

Any who I finally got the patch for the department I’m working for.


(Blurred out the county for privacy reasons)

Next week from today I’ll be starting my first night shift as a deputy. Wish me luck!

Back to packing. Hopefully I’ll have my Wi-Fi all set up at the new place. This computer will be the first thing up and running as soon as I get there.

Have a great week everyone!

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