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In Other News…

In other news… Not a lot of attention has drawn on this.

Reported (dated on the source August 9th, 2015) a Texas man executed 6 children in handcuffs (ages 6 to 13), executed his ex’s husband (father of the children), and killed his ex girlfriend last while she was restrained to the bed. All of the kids were executed in the master bedroom. But I guess that doesn’t draw national attention. Criminals caught in the act of committing a crime and disobeying law enforcement officials are heroes and considered innocent while actual real issues of violence barely see the light of day to the public. Prayers to those first responders and to the brothers and sisters in blue who had to come to that grim scene. And prayers out to the families that had true evil step into their lives.

People have to realize its not the color of our skin that makes people evil or a criminal. It’s not the clothes or uniform they wear that makes people racist. Evil exists in all shapes, sizes, and color.

If you want a moment of silence for something that actually matters, it would be for the victims of this horrific act of violence.


I normally don’t post too much related to the law enforcement community but… Seeing that the Ferguson shooting has drawn more attention than this, I find it appalling that people are still angry over a criminal, trying to disarm a peace officer, was shot and killed. It wasn’t because he was black, it wasn’t because of the clothes he was wearing, or because of the way he was talking. It was because he was doing something he shouldn’t have.

It makes me wonder what if Officer Wilson did get disarmed and shot? Would it have drawn national attention? Would people still scream about the “ignorance” of law enforcement officials?

I’m not saying every shooting done by a police officer is justified just because he has a badge. Of course there will be things I can come to terms with the fact that something shouldn’t have happened.

A Memphis, Tennessee officer was shot and killed not too long ago. The Police Director of the department couldn’t have said it any better. Police Director Armstrong of Memphis Police said something along the lines of “Of course black lives matters. But when does black lives matter? Does it only matter when a black man is killed by a police officer? Does it matter when a black man is killed by a white man? Does it matter when a black man is killed by someone of a different skin color? Every 15 seconds a violent crime is committed by a black man. So it isn’t just black life matters. All life matters.”

Of course all life matters. Evil and crime has no color. It has actions. Actions are not color specific. They are people specific. And there are bad people in this world, yet because of a pigment that no one has control over some how makes the lines of innocence and guilty very hazy.

I posted a few articles from a page on Facebook onto my newsfeed and instantly people attacked it. Stating that all cops have a “god-like” mentality and goof off on the job. That all cops break the very laws that they are sworn to protect.

I don’t like to belittle what I do to just this, but to make it very clear and understanding… lets put it this way.

Anyone, and I mean anyone, can have a “god-like” mentality. I’ve met fastfood employees that are like that. I’ve seen managers who are people in leadership roles not doing their job and slacking off. I’ve seen people who claim they are law abiding citizens speed on the highway.

The point of the whole message is this… Becoming a police officer is what people went to school for. It’s a passion. Just like how anyone can be passionate about any career. And sometimes bad folks slip through the cracks. We don’t live in a perfect world. We don’t get to choose who we get to run into every day. We don’t get to choose who gets to work in a certain job.

I’ve been wronged by super market employees, but that doesn’t make me jump to conclusions that all employees by that super market are bad. People have thought I was foreign just because of how I look and talk to me slowly. That doesn’t make me assume anyone wearing a store uniform is racist.

We need to stop making our timeline go into reverse and see the reality. We should be a progressive generation and not a segregated one.

Of course all life matters, but that statement is literally just as stupid as people saying “you only live once”.

Stop stating the obvious. Stop with all the hate. Stop with all the lines dividing us as human beings.

Lets open our eyes to the world as it is instead of our own individual selfish vision. We should all be united and teach the next generation how to work with each other and understand each other instead of preaching hate.

Hate only makes the world grow dark and without the light it will be too late to see any good left in the world.

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