Life is funny. We live it, make the most of it, and sometimes it just craps all over us in the end. My old college professor told me something very important. Life is like a lollipop. If you drop it in the sand you can either sit and cry about it or pick it up, dust it off, and keep on going with it.

My life is a lot like that. I’ve dropped the sucker so many times, but I keep on going. It collects many strange flavors on the way which makes everything a little bit more interesting as I go. Maybe I’m not the average person you will run into, but maybe I am.

If you follow all of my life experiences and feelings you will start to understand exactly who I am. Maybe you’ll find out that we aren’t so different. I guess there is only one way to find out.

photophoto (2)

(This is me before the start of my work shift and my pup on the right)

I have lived a very interesting life so far. I was born in a poor house, grew up in a rich society, became a United States Marine, lost the rich society status, lived in the ghetto, joined a law enforcement agency, been engaged twice, learning to love again, play the cello, work out, and so on.

I may look like an average person, but my story gets a little bit more colorful the more I get into it.

Everyday is a new challenge to me. I write to express what is going on currently and write about my past. Sometimes the two meet and a lot of the time I’m glad they will never cross paths. I would want nothing more than for you, the reader, to get involved into the story and hopefully learn a thing or two.

Maybe we can figure out things together as life goes on.

But until then…




  1. Finding My Inner Zen says

    Sounds like an interesting life story! Looking forward to following along! 🙂


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