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Good Stress (Free) Day

So today was just another day. Well… Not really. It was my birthday. A day where people are suppose to have a bunch of family and friends and go out and celebrate the day you entered this world. Me personally I haven’t spent a “real” birthday in a very long time.  Last year I spent it by myself with almost everyone forgetting to wish me a happy birthday. The year before I had lunch with a friend. The year before that I went out to the bar (my 21st was actually pretty cool to be honest). Year before that I spent it with my mom and we had dinner together. Before that I spent it at boot camp. And when I finally turned 18 I bought a whole carton of cigarettes with some friends and we just chilled. It just seems like the older I get the less exciting a birthday seems. I mean it’s just a day at this point. A reminder that I survived another year in this stress filled world. I mean …


I’ve been sitting on this idea for a while. People who are followers, or readers, of my blog always complimented me on my writing which is something I don’t really understand (I just write what I feel). But someone did suggest, in an email, that I should look into writing a book. I don’t think that I would want to do it to get published necessarily but more so of a personal large book that I would like to keep. Not sure yet on what my ultimate goal is but that is something that I would want to start ASAP. So I guess I’ll get busy with it. Not sure yet on where I would start, what it will be about, or how long I would want it to be. Wish me luck! And like always I’ll always be on here 🙂