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Goodbye Facebook!

I finally did it! I deactivated my Facebook account!



I submitted my background packet to one of the departments I am looking to get hired into. One thing my friend mentioned to me is that they take a good look at your Facebook as part of your background check.

Now… I don’t have any stupid photos of me like drinking, drugs, or anything like that because I rarely drink and don’t do drugs. BUT my friends tend to post things on my Facebook that kind of bring up sensitive topics and things my mother typically frowns upon.

But I think the main root of this whole decision was a simple one. Facebook has taken away the excitement of meeting new people and now we have been forced to shelter ourselves behind closed doors and electronic devices in order to make new friends. What ever happened to actually going out and meeting new people with a fun number exchange? Now we stalk people on a personal website that have pictures of someone who, somehow, makes it determine what kind of person they are before even saying or hearing one single word from each other.

I say lets take it back to the old days. Now I only use my phone for game apps, texting, and phone calls. I think the world of Facebook is getting to people and making them more socially awkward because it’s also taking away our characteristic of being able to be more outgoing instead of being “daring” and clicking the “add friend” icon.

Like oooooh you have to have a webpage or phone app to tell someone that you might want to be friends to access their photos. You must be an exciting person. I don’t want that. I want the be friends with the guy/girl who comes up to me or we share some common ground over a drink, or whatever, and get to know people like I did as a kid.

Now for those who have legitimate business/art/industry/or whatever it is I don’t see the wrong in Facebook. Social networking opens up so many doors because its just a way to get your word out there. Not going to lie, I thought about making a Facebook page just for this. Still in the works… which just basically = I AM TOO LAZY TO DO ANY OF THAT AT THE MOMENT! 

I just think Facebook has proven to be more harmful than good. Okay… if you’re like, I don’t know, a teenager who is just exploring the world then maybe it’s right for you. But (again this is totally a biased opinion from just one simple man so don’t go “murder him!” on this page or throw hammers at your computer screen out of pure anger) I feel like there is no life to it. There really isn’t. If you’re an adult go outside and feel the sunshine. Figure out how to build up your social skills and just meet new people. If you’re so destined to have so many friends and you just rely on a website that almost 99.99% of the world has to show how “popular” you are then you are really missing out on a good time.

When I had Facebook it showed that I had over three hundred friends. Realistically I have about four close friends and like a dozen or two that I loosely keep in touch. That’s still less than twenty percent of what my Facebook page told people. Did having a Facebook really make me feel so popular? Not even the slightest.

Overall what I’m just saying (this really took a whole new route than what I intended it to be initially) you don’t need a social network page to have fun. So many people just communicate through statuses, newsfeed, and pictures but I just feel like we have taken the “fun” out of going out and exploring what we are and aren’t good at.


Let’s be honest here though… After background checks are passed I might very well re-activate my Facebook again. Sometimes when I’m bored I do occasionally enjoy reading people’s messed up Facebook statuses. It’s so much better than anything on YouTube and Netflix put together.

But I have been lacking an actual life since lately it’s been finding apartments/townhouses to move to, worrying about my offer, cleaning/packing up my place and whatever else.

It’s really just been one heck of a week. Also my acid re flux has been acting up so… Best way to start a Monday…

That’s all I got for now. Sorry for making this into a rant rather than it being an actual re-cap of my week. I think I’ve just been so stressed that getting what bothered me out is making it into a great release.

Until next time!

Have a great weekend!


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